Dr SE Barnet

Wednesday 22nd March 5pm

SE Barnet is an internationally exhibiting artist previously based in Los Angeles, now a Research Fellow at Birmingham City University and an Associate Lecturer at University Arts London. She completed her PhD at Kingston University in 2012 with an exhibition at the Stanley Picker Gallery. Her work employs Instigation and Language with which she creates situations, collaborations and events. Her attention lies with the overlooked and obsolete aspects of daily life from collected reflections on personal experience. Barnet’s recent project involving Mass Observation, the British movement begun in the early 20th century, employed archive materials towards re-appropriation and détournement. Encompassing multiple outputs; from filmed performances to daily tweeting, extensive transcription to the creation of drawings, it was the subject of two exhibits at Five Years. The work has been included in The Everyday Press publication Drawing and Other Writing and PEER paper notes issue 3. It has also been written about in poetics journal TRIPWIRE 11 out of Oakland, California. Currently, she is taking part in the UAL cross-college collaboration between faculty and students, radical reThink, hosting an international symposium at the ICA in January 1017.