Marc Hulson

Marc Hulson is a London based visual artist.
Since 1998 his work has focussed on the development of a lexicon of imagery, organised around a principal of alternation between the spectral and the visceral / physical, and on generating pictorial schemata that stage the tension implicit in this relationship. The figures in his work are occupants of a quasi-theatrical pictorial space - often ambiguous in gender, masked or subject to physical distortions and deformations, they inhabit an indeterminate fictional milieu that continually subdivides as it evolves.

His practice draws on a number of fields of research, including fantastic and supernatural fiction and the strands in psychology, psychoanalysis, literary theory and contemporary philosophy that engage explicitly with problematics of horror, fetishism, transgression and the crisis of subjectivity.

While he works primarily with the media of painting and drawing, he has engaged periodically with closely interwoven collaborative projects involving writing, film, performance and sound. These have included the development of three performance based videos with the experimental writer Paul Curran, one of which (‘Rehearse / Replace’ 2014) will be screened at Annihilation Event on Saturday 25th March.

He is an Associate Lecturer in Fine Art at Central St Martins and a member of the artists’ co-operative group Five Years.