Louisa Minkin

W-Hat is dead, compiled in Unity Game Engine, 2016

The Ballad of Virtual Dependency,     
digital Video 1hr 30 minutes

The Ballad of Virtual Dependency is a compilation of  5779 postcards from the W-Hat Archive.  W-Hat, now defunct, was a group of goons associated with the Something Awful forum, active on online platforms, notably the computer game Second Life released in 2003.  The W-Hats built collectively, modelling content, scripting actions and roleplay. Their symbolic milieux, Baku and W-HAT, were 3D collages, a changing scenography of original content and found objects, generational elaborations, transindividual significations, collectivities and antagonisms. Their postcards present a vulgar vernacular history of 3D modelling: low poly provocations, self-replicating objects and weaponised images.