John Wollaston

During Annihilation John will transfer to the Lethaby the practical research in photogrammetry that he is currently exploring for Central St Martins, in development of CSM Photography Post-Production. Work on a 3d-build of the Portolan map with Naomi Dines will be completed in the gallery during Annihilation, which offers an insight into this evolving area, constructing visual forms from image data sets. In addition, this time in Annihilation offers a chance for exploring/experimenting where photogrammetry processes coincide with instantiations of topographic intervention using sound projection. “Sound has always offered me a 3d environmental physical experience, like sculpture or architecture, but active over compressed time-frame. Installation of sound allowed for a prototype of augmented reality, mixing reality, surpositioning [sic] in real-time.”

John Wollaston works as a multidisciplinary artist, and post-production professional. Focusing site-specific sound art, photography, synthesis, print publication & traditional drawing media, with their constructive crosslinks. Engaging with digital technology via the architectonic ecologies of space and sound, work is released under pseudonymous constructs.