Georgia Clemson

Photo credit: Celine Marchbank

Georgia Clemson is the Archives Assistant with the University Archives and Special Collections Centre based at London College of Communication. She has been working closely with the David Usborne Collection since 2015 and brought objects from the collection to the Tate Exchange to be captured using photogrammetry techniques by Academic staff member Naomi Dines. Objects were also recorded at the Tate event using Reflectance Transformance Imaging (RTI).

The David Usborne Collection is comprised entirely of functional tools and objects. Approximately one third of the overall collection is housed at the Archives and Special Collections Centre, one third at the studio of the architect Thomas Heatherwick and the remainder in David Usborne’s own home. A guide to the collection can be found on Usborne’s website and in his book ‘Object-ivity’.

Items were chosen for the collection based on their functionality and unintentional sculptural quality. None of the objects were created for decoration, and David finds that their appeal is that they “couldn’t care less”. At the Annihilation Event in March, there will be an exhibition of objects from the David Usborne collection alongside digital models created through the photogrammetry process, allowing attendees to experience the interplay between physical and digital material.