Eric King, 
Role Playing and Free Roaming

Role Playing and Free Roaming, HD Video, 22’ 20’’ looped.

Role Playing and Free Roaming is a video piece designed to point out the essence of virtual space emulating real-life landscapes. The video is essentially a compilation of exported flythrough videos around a 3D model. The 3D
models were created using 123D Catch, an app for the smartphone whichallows users to take photographs around an object in real space to then compileand connect these photos into a 3D model of that object.
The piece focuses on models made through the app, however the modelsthemselves were created through stitched photographs of a TV screen displaying different video games (primarily Role-Playing and Free-Roam games). This means that the models created ideally should be flat, however as can be seen in the videos, the models display as abstract and full of bumps and crevasses.
It’s this unusual occurrence as a result of translation through different mediums which the piece displays. The machine vision, real space, and display of virtual space all shown again through one screen and observed by the viewers’ eyes, yet translated into an abstract form.
The video game aspect came from the interest of human involvement and perception of virtual worlds relative to our reality, and what this might mean for ideas such as escapism.

CCW Digital Derive Group