Christelle Viviers 

Imagine a current running through an electrical circuit.  Circuit overload, wear and tear are some factors that can undercut the current’s circulation.   

Imagine a similar kind of energy current running through your body.  Sensory overload, illness, age and violence can disconnect the body’s energy current.  

In order to connect my body’s disconnect, I place a hydrophone in my mouth, connect it to an amplifier and tap on my chest bone, skull and vertebrae.  My anatomical and physiological bodies absorb the pulses and translate it into subtle vibrations, reconnecting me.  I call this process, body_tapping | body_language.

I also question through body_tapping.  

2016:  humanity sees 63,5 million people displaced through war.  If our shared body_language affirms a shared circuited form, why are we destroying life’s current?