*ASSASSINATION WEAPON - IAN DAWSON & students from Winchester School of Art

The Assassination Weapon: a Transmedia Quest for Reality, 
J.G.Ballard. Originally staged at the ICA  August 1969.

Working with students to remake historic art objects, apparatus and events as a research and teaching methodology.
This is a piece of experimental performance work, an experiential piece which tests the current conditions of production in art school and reception in gallery scenarios.
The performance itself involves sound, both live and recorded, a script, and four projectors which throw a set of still and moving image clips onto a central, circular screen. The screen rotates to catch and disrupt the imagery. The audience are arranged as a mandala facing the central screen, with aisles for the projection. Performers wear an ad hoc uniform of altered crash helmets.
A learning play, in the Brechtian model: going over and over a script or a set of instructions produces new configurations and new techniques.