Anna McSweeney -

Bilderfahrzeuge Project

I am an Islamic art historian with a focus on the art and material culture of Spain and North Africa. As a research fellow of the Bilderfahrzeuge Project at the Warburg Institute, I am interested in the migration of images and ideas across cultural and geographical borders. This theme of image transfer is central to my work on the long history of the Alhambra palace in Granada. As part of this research, I am interested in the copying and replication of monuments by antiquarians in the nineteenth century. How did the images of monuments from the Islamic world and other 'far away 'places reach the museums of Europe before cheap and easy photography? A recent project involves an investigation of the lost paper mould technique that was used to copy the facades of buildings and monuments, including the Alhambra palace, in order to bring these images back to Europe for replication and dissemination - a project I have developed in collaboration with CSM and the curators at the British Museum.