Annihilation Event / Prototype

11 Jan 2017

Switch House

Level 5, Tate Modern, Bankside, London
12pm to 6pm

In the lead up to the Lethaby Gallery events students and graduates from MA and BA Fine Art at CSM and ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels worked in research groups on a prototype event. For one day at Tate Exchange we ran public workshops and lectures and demonstrated  processes including paper casting, photogrammetry, reflectance transformation imaging and virtual reality applications. The Department of Subjective Archaeology installed its offices and participative laboratory, where subjective archaeological artefacts were analysed, replicated and annihilated. The UAL Archives and Special Collections Centre brought some curious objects to scan. 

Contributors included students from CSM, CCW Digital Derive Group, WSA and ENSAV La Cambre Brussels, Andy Jones, Paul Reillly, Pierre Huyghebaert, Waendt, Naomi Dines, Anna McSweeney,  Kate Jarvis, Claudia Zehrt, Mick Finch and Johannes von Muller, Bilderfahrzeuge, Jim Thrower, Jean-Pierre Muller, the Printmaking Union, Sion Fletcher, Nelson Crespo, Louisa Minkin, Elizabeth Wright, Nicola Lorini, John Wollaston, Jet Jet, Pete Smithson, Ian Dawson, Christelle Viviers, The Department of Subjective Archaeology, UAL Archives and Special Collections, and other participants.